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When it comes to farm machinery, Massey Ferguson is unbeatable.

An innate knowledge of the land, the farm and the machines and equipment needed to get the job done right — anywhere in the world. That’s Massey Ferguson tractors.

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MF 5S.145 D6 _EXCLUSIVE_ 8 x FRAME A4 0000_175914.jpg
M2-8S.265 - MASTER FRONT 3-4 GHOST LAYER 01_177703.jpg

BOBCAT : Leader in compact equipment

Manufacturer of loaders, excavators, compact tractors, mowers, utility products, telehandlers and accessories

For over 60 years, Bobcat machine has been building compact equipment that helps you work smarter and more efficiently. You rely on the performance, toughness, comfort and versatility of our machines and accessories. Your standards are the engine of our innovation. We are proud to be the industry leader and we are committed to transforming your work. Now offering our new line of Bobcat tractors.

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Tracteur Bobcat CT2535 avec souffleur à neige Bobcat
sunflower logo

SUNFLOWER : Your harvest is as good as your preparation of the soil and your seedlings. Year after year, the Sunflower brand is the ultimate answer for everything from primary tillage to plowing, conditioning, soil finishing and drilling.

Sunflower offers over 100 seeding and tillage implement models and configurations designed to help improve seed-to-soil contact for rapid, even emergence - delivering more efficiency, better yields and higher profits. Designed for virtually any growing condition, from compacted soil to fallow tillage, Sunflower products are known for their sturdy frames and rugged construction that provide many years of reliable performance.

Équipement de travail du sol Sunflower tiré par tracteur Massey Ferguson
white planters logo


White Planters have been "simply precise" since the advent of our first air planting system. Recognized as the leader in combining precision and simplicity, White Planters continues this tradition to an even higher level today.

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KUHN : A wide choice of agricultural equipment

Agricultural requirements are constantly changing and the demand for quality products and services continues to increase. KUHN strives to ensure the availability of the best machines to meet changing agricultural demands. KUHN is dedicated to serving agriculture with quality products, parts and service.

Rateau rotatif Kuhn GA4221
Logo hardi


Since 1957, HARDI has been committed to meeting the ever increasing demands for effective and precise phytosanitary protection. HARDI is the pioneer in the application of phytosanitary products. To achieve this position, continuous developments and innovations are essential. HARDI is committed to the long-term future of plant protection.

Arroseuse Hardi Navigator 4000 dans un champs
logo Vaderstad

Where agriculture start

Väderstad agricultural machinery is designed to create the optimal environment for perfect emergence in your field. Whether it's cultivation, seedbed preparation or seed placement, our vision is to ensure perfect emergence to maximize yields. Together, we will make you an even more successful farmer.

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Logo Degelman

Robust details. Legendary performance. Unparalleled customer service.

We focus on support and experience owning a Degelman like no other. We are a well-established company with deep roots in the agricultural sector. We take tremendous pride in what we do and craft every piece of equipment with extreme care.

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