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The Bobcat® L28 Small Articulated Loader is a compact machine that operates easily inside fenced landscapes, paddocks, backyards and more, offering impressive lift capacity and a telescopic lift arm for increased reach. Its tightly rotating knuckle joint improves handling while the nimble design provides a lightweight footprint for minimal turf damage. Plus, you can add a variety of Bobcat attachments to further maximize your productivity.

Discover the Bobcat L28 articulated loader

4 great reasons to consider a Bobcat articulated loader.

There is nothing more frustrating than working in a place that is difficult to access.

And we all know that great challenges have the gift of getting into small spaces.

Without the right equipment it becomes even more of a hassle to deal with this problem.

But enough frustration! I have the solution for you.

The Bobcat L28 articulated loader with an agile, soil-friendly design.

The small articulated loader has a hinge that allows the rear tires to follow the path of the front tires throughout a turn.

This makes the machine very manoeuvrable and minimizes breakage which requires tedious repairs.

It's a small charger, but it's made for big jobs.

Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders are designed to deliver serious performance in small spaces and sensitive surfaces.

Compared to similar machines from other manufacturers, these loaders are designed to lift more, work faster, and maximize your efficiency.

Here's why the Bobcat L28 Articulated Loader is the solution for you.

1. Great performance in a small body

It fits easily, anywhere you need it, and its performance is hard to believe.

The Bobcat Small Articulated Loader can lift and handle heavy loads. You will get excellent lifting capacity in a very compact Bobcat machine thanks to the integrated counterweight.

The reliable 25hp, 2600rpm engine delivers generous torque at lower revs, providing more tolerable performance when you push the machine to its limit.

And for the sake of our customers, it's easier than ever to watch out for collateral damage.

The small articulated loader features a tightly rotating hinge joint that allows maneuverability in tight spaces. 

Combined with the machine's turf safe mode, this powerful Bobcat machine limits the chances of cutting grass when it is spinning or carrying a load.

I could also tell you about mechanical leveling aid, efficient cooling, telescopic lift arm, minimal ground disturbance, automatic pull mode and so on.

If you want to know more, I invite you to contact one of our representatives here.

2. Say goodbye to breakage

For me, one of the very important aspects to look at when buying industrial machinery is the uptime.

And for that, the engineers at Bobcat are experts.

When you choose the Bobcat L28 Small Articulated Loader, you'll have peace of mind with innovative engineering that ensures obstacles or debris on the jobsite won't slow your job down.

Rubber bumpers help protect the corners of the cab while articulating the loader.

You can also add extra protection and worry less about potential shock damage to the cooling system and radiator.

3. Are you repairing your machine?

The money saved by doing the repairs yourself is not insignificant.

You rely on your equipment to complete your job and if it's possible to do the repair on the job site that's a big WIN.

Bobcat always keeps serviceability in mind, ensuring that the instrumentation is simple to understand, components are easy to reach, and daily maintenance is quick to perform.

The display panel is easy to read and provides operational information as well as critical machine errors and warnings.

The battery terminals are easily accessible and save you time and sweat to get your Bobcat loader up and running.

The high capacity two element filter with visual indicator provides clean airflow to your engine and excellent contaminant retention capacity for long life and maximum component protection.

The drive belt is reliable and requires no tension and no maintenance.

The fuses and relays are centrally located behind a cover inside the cab.

So, no matter where you are, a simple toolbox can be enough to keep you working.

4. Comfort = productivity

I have never considered comfort to be a luxury.

You sit in your machine for long hours, poor posture leads to injury, and we all know you need to be healthy to work.

It is also essential to your productivity. That’s why every Bobcat machine is designed with the operator’s experience in mind. Visibility, cabin space, ease of control, air flow and ergonomics contribute to efficient work and satisfied and safe employees.

Compare Bobcat Small Articulated Loaders to others, and you will feel the difference.

The simple double-pedal design allows for quick and easy direction changes.

One pedal takes you forward, the other moves you back.

As easy as that.

It is therefore convenient and simple for operators who need to understand the controls of several machines. And you can say goodbye to expensive training hours.


Stay comfortable in cold and wet weather with the optional cabin with heated seat.

Window panels can be added and removed, allowing you to adapt to weather conditions.

The heated seat helps keep your body warm and comfortable while working out on frigid days.

The side and rear windows open to provide fresh air flow through the operator, providing more comfort.

We are talking about advanced comfort that boosts productivity.

Bobcat machine brings a level of comfort never seen in a small articulated loader until now. Its thoughtful design gives operators extra room where they need it, and its easy-to-use controls allow seasoned professionals and novices to maximize their productivity. 

A wide range of comfort makes every minute spent in the cabin more enjoyable.


This machine will save you on training and maintenance hours while maximizing your team's productivity.

Say goodbye headaches because you have a tight space job to do.

Say goodbye unhappy customers about damage to their grass.

Say hello to new contracts that you thought could not be done.

Say hello to employees who are happy to work in absolute comfort.

Small articulated loaders are also a highly transportable and relatively lightweight solution that allows you to quickly put your Bobcat machine to work.

It easily adapts to flatbed trailers, dump trailers and even some enclosed trailers used for small frame skid steer loaders.

To try it is to adopt it, they say. And that's never been truer than with a Bobcat L28 articulated loader.