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When you have a big job to do in tight places, there is no need to pick up the shovel. The agile Bobcat® S70 skid steer loader is just 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide - the perfect size for getting through narrow doors, hallways, aisles and gates, and for working under low ceilings. It's the perfect compact loader for jobs too big for an excavator or spaces too small for a larger machine.

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5 reasons why a Bobcat S70 wheel loader is the machine for you.

Access to certain parts of the site can sometimes be complicated. Heavy loaders cause several headaches in confined spaces.

I get you.

Try to pull a big loader out of a barn full of attachments and farm machinery, and you'll end up saying a few church words as well.

If this sounds like you, here are 5 reasons why you should consider a Bobcat S70.

1. No compromise in power

Often a small machine = little power.

Not in this case.

Let’s not forget that Bobcat machines are known for their intelligence in design and performance. 

Compromising efficiency for a small chassis therefore does not make sense. 

Let's take a look at the performance specifications.

• Rated operating capacity (ISO) - 760 lbs.

• Tipping load - 1520 lbs.

• Curb Weight - 2,892 lbs.

• Travel speed - 10.2 km / h

• HP 23.5

I remind you that we are talking about a skid-steer loader that measures just under 6 feet tall with the cabin and only 3 feet wide with the bucket included. The smallest of Bobcat.

With the perfect balance, you can tackle any job at any location.

The machine also has a faster turning capacity which is great for performance.


Because skid steer loaders that use larger turning circles are less fuel efficient because they require more engine power. Which means poorer energy efficiency. 

We could also talk about tire life. In short, faster wear for loaders with large turning circles.

I don't think I need to say that quick wear and tear = less money in your pocket.

Finally, as in all Bobcat machines there is a strong, efficient hydraulic pump that increases the breakout force.

2. Versatile lifting arms

We don't always have the same job ahead of us. This is where the importance of versatility comes in.

That’s why lift arms that can do more are desired.

The engineers behind the Bobcat s70 skid-steer loader kept this concept in mind and designed it with durable lift arms and a choice of lift path.

To quote an article on the Bobcat S70 from ISeekPlant:

“For dumping over a wall or unloading trucks, the radius lift path can help do it effortlessly. The movement of the arms forms an arc, and over 80% of this arc provides better reach. It is excellent for work at medium heights.

On the other hand, the vertical lifting path provides higher lifting capacity compared to the radius lifting path. While placing heavy pallets of blocks from one place to another, the vertical lifting path makes the job easier and helps achieve maximum reach. "

That’s what I’m talking about !

What Bobcat has succeeded in doing is maximizing the efficiency and versatility of an industrial machine that can squeeze in anywhere and do the heavy lifting.

3. Designed for comfort

One point that comes up often when talking about Bobcat is comfort. They clearly stand out from other companies by offering unique cabins that are easy to get on and off.

It seems obvious but we stop counting the number of cabins in which it takes a crazy effort to climb and even greater vigilance not to free fall when climbing off.

This video illustrates the situation well.

The Bobcat s70 provides complete comfort to an operator. For efficient work processes, successful job performance and less wear and tear on the machine, comfortable cabin spaces are essential.

On the other hand, the operator’s vision is very important. In fact, in Bobcat cabins, you will find very few blind spots.

Great 360 vision

The operator can easily see the rear of the machine and work hassle-free in tight spaces.

Regardless of the environment. Lighted or not, the machine is equipped with beautiful custom headlights to illuminate the work area, making it easy to work in comfort.

And as in all Bobcat machines, the Bobcat s70 skid steer loader also features an easy-to-use instrument panel that keeps the operator always informed.

4. Attachments, attachments, attachments

Industrial machinery without an attachment is like a helicopter without a propeller. It’s not going very far.

We're far from having a problem here, however.

Bobcat offers over 20 attachments that can easily be installed on your S70 skid-steer loader.

You can think of it this way: one machine to do at least 20 different jobs. From snow blower to bucket, sidewalks brushes and forks.

In addition, with a Bob-Tach system, you can switch from one attachment to another in less than 2 minutes!

Need to do snow removal? No problem. Need to dig? No problem. Need to clean sidewalks? No problem! Need to unload? No pro... you see where I'm going with this.

All this to say that the Bobcat S70 is very versatile in your choice of possible attachments and will offer you a certain economy.

5. It simply goes everywhere.

The concept is the same as for the Bobcat E10 excavator.

A simple machine, sneaking around, but above all that does the job required.

The S70 is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. By comparison, your bedroom door is almost 7 feet tall and between 2 and 3 feet wide.

Okay, it's tight across the width but at the same time you shouldn't need a loader in your room. Again I might be surprised.

That being said, for jobs near foundations, accessing some customers' yards, or navigating an alley, this is the Bobcat machine for you.


The Bobcat S70 skid-steer loader is designed to make working in tight spaces easy and efficient. Its smart design will not only save you on maintenance but also on your employees' hours.

If you are only working in a large, open site with no hard-to-reach space, this isn't the loader for you. 

You would be much better off with a Bobcat M3 series skid-steer loader.

For everyone else however, its versatility and durability will make the most difficult of entrepreneurs satisfied.



• Make / Model: Kubota / D1005-E4B-BC-3

• Fuel: Diesel

• Fuel tank: 24.60 L

• Number of cylinders: 3

• Cooling: liquid

• Power at 3000 rpm: 17.5 kW

• Torque at 1425 rpm, gross - SAE J1995: 62.8 Nm

• Displacement: 1001 cm3


• Rated operating capacity (ISO 14397-1): 343 kg

• Tipping load (ISO 14397-1): 686 kg

• Pump capacity: 37.00 L / min

• Quick coupler discharge system: 20.7 MPa

• Max. travel speed (low range): 9.8 km / h


• Pump flow rate: 37.1 L / min or 9.8 gal / min

• Pressure relief valve: 20684.3 kPa or 3000 psi


• Length with bucket: 2472 mm / 8.12 ft in

• Length without bucket: 1925 mm / 6.32 ft

• Width without tires: 901.7 mm / 2.96 ft

• Wheelbase: 722 mm / 2.37 ft

• Reach at maximum lift and dump: 400 mm / 15.75 in.

• Maximum lift and unload clearance: 1934 mm / 6.35 ft

• Turning radius from center to bucket: 1557 mm / 6.13 in.

• Ground clearance: 141 mm / 5.56 in

• Height to top of cab: 1814mm / 5.96ft

• Weight in running order: 1268 kg

• Shipping weight: 1109 kg

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