Makita 18 volts grinder 5"

Makita 18 volts grinder 5"


The ADT (Automatic torque Drive Technology) function adjusts torque and speed according to the load state, allowing rapid movement between high speed and high torque applications.


XPT (eXtreme Protection Technology) provides maximum protection against dust, debris and liquids for optimum performance in extreme conditions.


Brushless DC motor with high power-to-weight ratio and size.


The brushless DC motor generates less heat build-up and is ideal for extended use in manufacturing / production applications.


The LED charge level indicator displays the approximate remaining battery power.

The immobilizer function prevents accidental starting of the tool during battery change when the switch is locked in the on position.


The soft start function gradually increases the speed to eliminate starting shock.


The electronic current limiter protects the motor from accidental overloads.


The battery protection system provides over-discharge, temperature and circuit protection for improved performance, battery cycle life, and overall lifespan.


Built-in dust screens act as additional protection against dust, dirt and debris.


Slim and ergonomic design of the soft rubber grip for vibration absorption and comfortable operation.