Makita foam insert for suitcase

Makita foam insert for suitcase

SKU: T-02571

Measures 2-1 / 2 "thick x 15-1 / 8" wide x 11-1 / 4 "deep.


Includes a 1/2 "base coat and a 2" pre-grooved coat.


The pre-marked foam inserts are easily customized for a unique setup for tools, parts and accessories.


Provides maximum protection against sudden impact during transport and storage.

About. one (1) required for the SMALL Interlocking Toolbox.


About. two (2) required for the MEDIUM locking tool case.


About. three (3) required for the LARGE Interlocking Tool Case.


About. four (4) - five (5) required for EXTRA-LARGE Locking Tool Case.