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With a retracted 28 '' track width, the Bobcat® E10 ultra-compact (mini) compact excavator gets to jobsites where grueling manual labor is your only other option. You can easily navigate through narrower openings and work in narrower conditions. Zero Tail Swing offers the greatest flexibility in chasing and depositing cuttings while providing the best protection against obstacles on the jobsite.

Discover the Bobcat E10 excavator

Bobcat excavators are the # 1 choice for your excavation needs.

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to finding an excavator for sale.

From the size you need for your types of jobs, to the versatility, it's an investment worth taking seriously.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with an industrial machine that doesn't do the job promised.

Fortunately, you have landed in the right place.

Bobcat excavators deliver better performance in a more compact machine, taking production for owners and operators to the next level.

With Bobcat machines ranging from 1 to 18 tonnes, the excavator line lets you make the right choice for what you really need.

Bobcat excavators give you the most capable and versatile excavating machine in the industry, with tough durability, fast digging performance and impressive innovation.

The Bobcat E10 mini excavator for tight spaces

A compact mini excavator with powerful performance!

At just 28 '' wide, this ultra-compact excavator accesses jobsites where grueling manual labor is your only other option.

You can easily navigate and operate through narrower openings.

The Zero Tail Swing offers the greatest flexibility for digging and unloading while providing the best protection against obstacles on the job site.

With its 1,865 lbs digging force, it's the perfect Bobcat machine to get rid of your tough jobs.

Here are some key details about the Bobcat E10 excavator

• Power: 10.2 horsepower

• Operating weight: 2593 pounds

• Bucket digging force: 1,865 lbs

• Maximum reach at ground level: 10.2 feet

• Width: 28 in

• Tail swing type: Zero

Are you looking for an excavator for sale? The Bobcat E10 excavator is versatile and powerful in addition to offering a "mini excavator" format.

Its unmatched comfort and uptime will give you peace of mind knowing the job gets done.

For even more power in tight spaces, check out the Bobcat E20 excavator.

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Discover out what you'll find in most Bobcat excavators.


  • You can select three hydraulic flow rates which helps you to optimize the response of the attachments. The low flow offers more precision, the medium flow is perfect for moving material, and the high flow for maximum power.

  • Easily switch between excavator and backhoe modes without a key.

  • Auto-Shift feature provides superb shifting performance without having to downshift.

  • The Bobcat excavator's controls allow you to add precise movements with little effort and maximum efficiency.

  • Travel faster with the 2-speed Bobcat option.

  • The hydraulically operated retractable undercarriage gives you the flexibility to benefit from narrow gates and doors while retaining its power as an excavating machine.

  • The retractable blade also allows for greater ability to move in small areas.

  • Compared to other brands, advanced hydraulics provide the most power.

  • Unparalleled precision in your movements.

  • The boom oscillation control is located on the joystick. This increases the comfort on the feet.

  • A Deluxe instrument panel to always keep an eye on your Bobcat machine data.

  • With the depth system you will know exactly when to stop digging.

  • Three types of arm configuration. Standard, long and extended.

  • Counterweights are built into the Bobcat machine for added strength and stability.

  • A redesigned Bobcat engine for more performance.

  • And more.

Protection features

  • Avoid costly breakdowns with intelligent diagnostic functions.

  • The In-Track swivel frame allows you to get closer to your work. The swivel castings and cylinders stay in the rails when digging in an offset position.

  • Equipped with a durable tailgate, protected hydraulic lines, smarter routing, and a redesigned workgroup.

  • No more lost keys. Start your Bobcat machine with a security code.

  • Integrated swing brakes keep your excavator stable on slopes for more precise movement and reduce the risk of overturning.

  • An alarm sounds more quickly as the fuel tank approaches capacity. So, you will know exactly when to stop filling and limit losses.

  • A simple machine hitch for easier getting on and off the transport truck.

  • The hydraulic cylinder of this Bobcat machine is mounted on top of the boom to prevent contact with the trench, bucket, or nearby obstacles.

  • The X-frame undercarriage improves your performance in difficult conditions.

  • The electronics exceed military requirements for electrification, humidity, shock and vibration.

  • Steel tracks increase your pulling force and allow you to access tough jobsites.

  • And more.


  • More cabin space without compromising insulation. This means better temperature management and reduced noise to increase your productivity.

  • Ergonomic controls for more flexibility and less fatigue and risk of injury.

  • The Bobcat excavator's hydraulic joystick control provides smooth operation and increased efficiency.

  • A premium cabin. Visibility is improved. The vibration is reduced. There is more legroom and headroom. Perfect for long working days.

  • A comfortable adjustable seat redesigned. You can add the heating option.

  • When the machine functions are not in use, the machine will automatically idle the engine until you start working again.

  • And more.