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The salt spreader designed for the sidewalk

Join the dozens of municipalities that have chosen the Colpron 2250 salt spreader for their sidewalks. We know that the safety of your citizens is important to you. When the storm hits, it is imperative to have safe walking areas quickly and without headaches. To do this, at Colpron Equipment, we offer you the most robust and reliable salt spreader ever designed. Designed and manufactured entirely by us, you will never find yourself embarrassed again by slippery sidewalks.

Spécifications :

Construction: Monohull
Full capacity: 2.5 (1.9 cu.m)
Width: 48 in. (1219mm)
Height: 53 in. (1346mm)
Spreading autonomy: 8 to 10 km
Leaf suspension
Electric brakes
Compliant LED lights


A sidewalk pressure washer with infinite options

You will no longer see your sidewalks the same way. The 500 sidewalk pressure washer, manufactured and designed by Colpron Equipment, allows you to perform a quick and efficient deep cleaning. Do you need a specific pressure ramp? We custom build it for you. Its solid construction and ingenuity will allow you to save on hours of repairs and work. The best solution to a clean and healthy city is through the essential Colpron 500.

Spécifications :

Tank: 500 gallons
Leaf suspension
Hydraulic compression brakes
Hydraulically driven 100L / min pump
Cleaning pressure: 870 PSI
Lift bar and jets: stainless steel
Lance à main avec dévidoir manuel
Urban furniture washing option: 3500 lbs / in2
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