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Bobcat Zero Turn Mowers


Bobcat ZT / ZS Zero Turn Mowers
Nothing stands in the way of the way you do the job.

Available in a range of ride-on and ride-on models, every Bobcat zero-turn mower is equipped with innovative technology and mower decks to give you a professional edge. Whether it's mowing tight spaces and maneuvering around trees and shrubs with the Bobcat ZS4000 or taking on the biggest and toughest commercial mowing jobs where you need more comfort driving with the ZT7000, Bobcat has the mower that will let you take on just about anything.



ZT2000 zero turn mower

The ZT2000 zero turn mower is designed for those looking for commercial-grade durability and professional cutting at an affordable price. Your land will be the envy of the neighborhood. It is your lawn, your livelihood. You rely on your machines to do the job and deliver a superior cut. The ZT2000 brings it about with reliable performance, smooth operation and comfortable spring-suspension seats for hours of riding comfort.


Power and performance at your fingertips


Powerful performance starts with precise throttle response, smooth power output and a durable design built to tackle tough terrain. Every time you start the ZT2000 you get commercial grade capability with the Kawasaki FR series engine.

More power. More driving.


Innovative transmission engineering provides simple and smooth operations. Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 hydrostatic transaxles offer rugged torque output for travel speeds of up to 7 mph.

The cut you've always dreamed of


Count on superior cut quality every time with the reliable TufDeck cutting system. Lift each blade of grass for a more precise cut - every time.

All day comfort


Sit back, enjoy the ride, and get the job done right. The ZT2000 comes complete with a full package with a high-back, spring-suspension seat and all ergonomic controls at your fingertips.

Fuel capacity all day


A shock-resistant 3.8 gallon fuel tank gives you the all-day fuel capacity you need to tackle any surface.

Built to resist wear and tear


A 1.5 x 2.5 inch tubular steel frame is lightweight and sturdy - designed for those looking for durability and professional fit at an affordable price.

Easy to adjust deck height


A one-handed bridge height selector with interchangeable left / right quick-lift assist pedal lets you adjust the bridge on the fly.

Not exactly what you are looking for?

Explore others to find the best machine for the job you need to do.


Bobcat Telehandler

It offers many of the same functions as a wheel loader, attachment carrier, and rough terrain forklift.


Bobcat Toolcat

Bobcat Toolcats are several machines combined into one.


Bobcat R Series

The revolution that your work demands from the company that invented the industry.



ZT3000 zero turn mower

It's your lawn and you only settle for the best. The Bobcat ZT3000 zero turn mower features the powerful performance of the Kawasaki FT series engine for rugged reliability that meets your standards. The ZT3000 zero turn mower is built with a durable frame, easy-to-use commercial grade controls and the rugged TufDeck Pro cutting system and more.


More engine. More power.


The Bobcat ZT3000 zero-turn mower is built with a durable frame, easy-to-use commercial-grade controls and the heavy-duty TufDeck Pro cutting system that puts cuts in their place.

Load through hard turf


Power up your ZT3000 and notice the instant power and response of the Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 hydrostatic transaxle drive system that delivers ground speeds of up to 8 mph.

Ingenious deck design


The ZT3000 zero turn mower is designed to handle the toughest jobs with the TufDeck Pro cutting system. Durable steel pin sets that deliver unmatched cut quality - every time.

Fully charged fuel capacity


With the ZT3000's robust, rotomolded, impact-resistant fuel tank with a 3.8 gallon capacity, you have all the juice you need for hours of unstoppable mowing power, no matter how many acres that you mow.

Difficult work. Robust equipment.


When the job demands more, the ZT3000 is built to handle it - with a sturdy 1.5 x 2.5 inch tubular steel frame that's built to last.

Comfort and control all day


Take control of comfort with the ZT3000's ergonomic controls and the spring-suspension seat with elastomeric vibration control for all-day ride comfort.

Make it a clean cut


Powerful airflow aggressively pulls cuts from an extra-wide discharge chute for a cleaner deck and a cleaner finished cut.



Bobcat stands behind your utility vehicle with a strong warranty. Our standard warranty provides 12 months coverage against defects in materials and workmanship or 1,000 hours of use (whichever comes first).



ZT3500 zero turn mower

You have high standards and you expect the same from your zero-turn mowers. The ZT3500 and ZT3000 give you the professional-grade features you need, including durability, ride quality, comfort, handling, cut quality - and the list goes on. When you have more acres to maintain, you need more commercial grade features to stay on top. With the ZT3500, this is standard. Equipped with a powerful Kawasaki FX series engine that delivers increased horsepower, this zero-turn mower also features a heavy-duty drive system for fast ground speeds.


Commercial grade power


There is always more work to be done. When you need to boost horsepower, the ZT3500 lets you order it with the Kawasaki FX series engine. It delivers commercial-grade power and zero-turn performance that get every job done quickly, no matter the size.

Smooth. Steady. Powerful.


Count on smooth, consistent mowing power even at your fastest speeds with the superior Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 hydrostatic transaxles. Deliver more torque, more power and more speed - when you need it.

Additional fuel capacity


The extra fuel capacity keeps you focused on what is most important - your lawn. The ZT3500 comes standard with rugged, rotomolded dual fuel tanks with a capacity of up to 7.8 gallons.

Prepare for the perfect ride


The Bobcat ZT3500 zero-turn mower is equipped with Kawasaki FX series power, optimum operating comfort and unmatched cut quality - allowing you to mow like a pro.

Unmatched cut quality


The TufDeck Pro 61 inch deep profile cutting system is designed with welded cast aluminum pins for a clean, reliable cut, every time.

Experience a smoother ride


The ZT35000 offers excellent control and a smooth, comfortable ride to traverse even the most difficult terrain. Effortlessly maneuver your zero-turn mower with large 23-inch zero-turn drive tires to get the job done, no matter the size of your property.

Order more comfort and control


Get hours of ride comfort when you tackle big jobs with ergonomic controls and a high-back fully mechanical suspension seat designed for maximum back support.



ZS4000 zero turn mower


Achieve standing performance with the ZS4000 zero-turn riding mower. Delivering power, performance and fast ground speeds, this mower is equipped with an innovative AirFX deck, tool-less controls and an operator's station, all designed to let you tackle tough obstacles with confidence. The ZS4000 zero turn riding mower is equipped with commercial grade features including the Bullnose AirFX cutting system, low center of gravity and tool-less controls.


Drive power and performance


Get powerful engine performance you can sustain with Kawasaki's FX Series or FT Series EFI engine options to meet any job requirement.

Perfect cut


Impressive cut quality and a cleaner cutting deck are made possible by state-of-the-art technology. Featuring Air-Gap deflectors and vacuum seals, the ZS4000's AirFX mower deck increases lift on each blade of grass for unmatched precision.

Full control at your fingertips


Command unparalleled control and response with ergonomic, tool-less controls with adjustable tracking that put a whole new level of zero-turn, upright mowing control right at your fingertips.

Nothing stands in your way


When it comes to maneuvering around obstacles or tight spaces, the ZS4000 features an intuitive operator station that offers superior 'center of gravity' stability that makes you feel like you're doing nothing but 'one with the machine.

Simplified maintenance


Servicing your mower is easy with an attached operator block and easily removable for access to all mower components.

Minimized vibrations. Maximized comfort.


Count on hours of ride comfort with innovative vibration dampening platform technology that minimizes fatigue so you can keep riding in comfort.

Smooth performance all day


Get reliable performance and smooth operation all day long with a hydrostatic transmission that delivers all the power output torque you need.



ZT6000 zero turn mower

You demand as much from your machines as you put into your business. Not all zero-turn mowers can meet this expectation, but the ZT6000 can. With features like an innovative drive system, rugged design and a powerful Kawasaki FX801V engine, the ZT6000 zero turn mower offers everything you need to make even the toughest jobs seem easy. The ZT6000 zero turn mower features a 52 or 61 inch deep profile AirFX deck, full comfort control center, 15 gallon dual fuel tanks and more.v


Designed to perform


Create a clean cut effortlessly with the Kawasaki FX series engine options that deliver the reliable performance you need to get more jobs done with confidence.

A major change ahead


Tap the gas and see how a Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 drive system keeps your machine's transaxles at optimum output levels with enhanced control while reducing vibration and noise.

A clear difference


The Bullnose AirFX deck delivers better cut quality - unparalleled. Using innovative air-gap deflectors and vacuum seal technology, it creates superior airflow and lift over each blade of grass for impressive cut quality - every time.

Designed to work

bobcat-mowers-deck-birdseyeview-studio-20k2_fc_one_col (1).jpg

You expect your machines to be as tough as you and your team. This is what you get with the ZT6000. It is constructed with a sturdy double tube frame that provides maximum durability to keep you on the job and out of the shop.

Comfort and control that keep you on top


A deluxe suspension seat, almond-shaped handles and soft, responsive controls give you total comfort and control.

Do more. Refuel less.


Armed with two 15 gallon fuel tanks, the ZT6000 zero turn mower lets you go from job to job without stopping to refuel.

Boost productivity


Get more done and get on to the next job faster than ever with ground speeds of up to 12 mph.



ZT6100 zero turn mower

When you buy a Bobcat zero turn mower, you expect quality engineering. With the ZT6100, you get the full package, including a heavy-duty drive system, advanced cutting technology, and powerful motor options. You get a machine worthy of the Bobcat name and a place on your trailer. The ZT6100 zero-turn lawn mower features a 61-inch AirFX deck, Kawasaki FX850V or FT850V EFI engine, heavy-duty 7-gauge steel tubular frame and more.


Professional power at your disposal


The ZT6100 zero turn mower does it all with the Kawasaki FX series engine. EFI FX850V or FX850V mower motor options deliver reliable power and performance, time after time.

Faster and more efficient than ever


Increase horsepower and torque when your job demands it. The ZT6100 is equipped with innovative Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transaxles for reliable performance and ground speeds of up to 12 mph.

Unmatched cut quality


Deliver superior cut quality from lawn to lawn. The ZT6100 zero turn mower is built with innovative cutting technology in every detail. The AirFX chainring comes standard with a bullnose design, Air-Gap deflectors and heavy-duty cast-iron axles for a cleaner cut.

Built tough to withstand the toughest jobs

bobcat-mowers-deck-birdseyeview-studio-20k2_fc_one_col (1).jpg

Mow through tough jobs with a chassis built to withstand just about anything. The rugged design of the double tube frame provides maximum durability.

Comfortably in charge


Responsive controls and an ergonomic high-back suspension seat provide comfort and control that puts you in the driver's seat.

Go all day without refueling


Stay at peak productivity levels with rugged, rotomolded dual fuel tanks. This mower offers 15 gallon fuel tanks that keep your team on the grass and out of the gas station.

Quick access to the motor for easy maintenance

bobcat-zt6100-swing-away-bumper-studio-20k2_fc_one_col (1).jpg

A rotating bumper - with the included additional hitch system - provides quicker access to internal components, making tune-ups quick and easy.



ZT7000 zero turn mower

The ZT7000 zero turn mower is the pinnacle of strength and best performance on the market. With transport speeds of up to 30 km / h, you can achieve quality results with every job. The ZT7000 zero turn mower offers haul speeds up to 19 mph, mowing speeds up to 13 mph, the Kawasaki FX1000V engine, a Bullnose AirFX platform and more to get you to keep moving from one job to another.


Summons maximum power and performance

bobcat-zt7000-kaw-fx1000v-engine-studio-20k2_fc_one_col (1).jpg

Powerful would be an understatement. With options of up to 35 and 37 hp on Kawasaki FX1000V or Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines, the ZT7000 delivers major horsepower and professional-grade performance that lets your team do more jobs, more efficiently than ever before.

Go to the top speed


Take performance to a whole new level with the ZT7000's Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 hydrostatic transaxle drive system. Delivering maximum power and torque, it features two-speed operation that offers transport speeds of up to 19 mph to help you get from job to job in no time .

Top-notch cutting technology

bobcat-mowers-airfx-deck-studio-20k2_fc_one_col (1).jpg

When it comes to cut quality, the ZT7000's Bullnose AirFX deck is the best on the market. Using innovative Air-Gap deflectors and vacuum seal technology, it creates superior airflow and lifts each blade of grass so you can cut them to the right size - every time.

More fuel. Less downtime.

bobcat-mowers-fuel-tanks-studio-20k2_fc_one_col (1).jpg

Less downtime means more stacks of money. The 15 gallon dual fuel tanks ensure that no fuel shortages will keep you from filling your schedule.

Command and control comfort


Get hours of unmatched comfort and control on the toughest jobs. With anti-vibration footrest technology and the fully mechanical suspension seat for maximum support, the ZT7000's comfort control center puts you in control.

Do more faster