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It's several machines combined into one. Lift impressive loads, get more payload than a half-ton pickup truck, tow with increased maneuverability, use front-mounted attachments, and even use rear-mounted implements (5610). Perform a range of tasks that cannot be matched by any other compact equipment. He will quickly become your most versatile worker.



Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)
Travel Speed - Max
Auxiliary Std Flow
Cargo Box Maximum Load
1,500 lb
17 mph
18.9 gal/min
2000 lb
1,500 lb
17 mph
18.9 gal/min
2000 lb


Push your productivity to the limit.
This is Bobcat Toolcats.


Hydrostatic four-wheel drive

You already know that preparing for success means being ready for anything. That's why the exclusive hydrostatic four-wheel drive system on Toolcat utility machines delivers as much traction and torque as possible. With it, you can cross snow or go up a slope, while minimizing damage to the grass.


All-wheel-drive steering

It's no secret that better maneuverability makes doing more things easier. This is why the Toolcat utility work machine with four-wheel steering is the image of productivity. Move easily in tight spaces with minimal ground disturbance. Coupled with its hydraulic power steering, you'll have almost effortless control.


40+ attachments

Mow in the morning, remove felled trees in the afternoon, and dig post holes in the evening. You can leverage your Toolcat utility work machine investment in a number of ways throughout the year by pairing it with over 40 attachments. Buy the attachments you will use frequently and rent the ones you need for one-off jobs.


Accessory control kit. Forget about buying special control boxes and other gadgets to operate your accessories. The small 7-pin attachment harness activates power and control functions at your fingertips while eliminating the need for mechanical relays. On-the-fly adjustments are easier and it is fully integrated with your Toolcat utility work machine for a clean appearance and protected routing.

Hydraulic variable flow. When the auxiliary hydraulics are engaged, the variable flow allows precise control of hydraulic attachments such as Bobcat® grapples. It manages the auxiliary oil flow to open and close the grapple as slowly or quickly as you want.

High flow hydraulics. With the optional high-flow hydraulic system, you can maintain the torque and speed of the attachment under heavy load. You'll notice the difference on tough jobs that require high horsepower without sacrificing efficiency like chopping stumps, blowing snow, and digging post holes.

Bob-Tach. The standard Bob-Tach mounting system allows accessories to be changed in less than a minute. Use a bucket, auger, landscape rake, grapple, and other accessories throughout the day. Developed over 35 years ago, the Bob-Tach system has proven itself.



Bobcat stands behind your telehandler with a strong warranty. Our standard warranty provides 12 months coverage against defects in materials and workmanship.


Toolcats are designed with premium comfort features wherever you look.

Not exactly what you are looking for?

Explore others to find the best machine for the job you need to do.


Bobcat Telehandler

It offers many of the same functions as a wheel loader, attachment carrier, and rough terrain forklift.


Bobcat Utility Vehicle

For reliable starting in cold weather, automatic glow plugs warm the engine.


Bobcat R Series

The revolution that your work demands from the company that invented the industry.

Cabine confortable


Operator friendly controls

You should never settle for a difficult machine to use. This is why the controls of Toolcat utility work machines are intelligently placed and ergonomically designed. From responsive joystick controls for accessories to simple switches and levers for other functionality, each control is carefully designed for ease of use.

There is a direct correlation between comfort and productivity. With this understanding, it is easy to see why Toolcat utility work machines were designed with your comfort in mind. Standard comfort features include large door openings for easy entry, tilt steering and an adjustable driver's seat. Optional features include heating and air conditioning, a radio system, a driver's suspension seat and a floor booster kit.



With optimal attachment visibility, you'll see more of your work. Toolcat utility work machines give you precise control over every job with all-round visibility. Plus, a sloped rear hood and huge rear window on the 5610 give you a clear view of the rear-mounted implements and the work area behind you.

Work lights

Stay productive at night or in low visibility conditions with four standard work lights. An optional high beam kit provides even more illumination for night driving, with front high beam, rear working lights, backup alarm, horn, turn signals, turn signals, tail lights braking and rear and mirrors. Optional rear work lights and an optional strobe / beacon light are also available.


The City of Knoxville's smart use of its Bobcat Toolcat 5600 and accessories creates year-round productivity - and savings for taxpayers.


Four-wheel independent suspension

Work in comfort (even when working hard) with the four-wheel independent suspension. Made up of A-frames, suspension coils, shock absorbers, and bump stops, each wheel moves up and down independently, meaning each wheel is isolated from the frame. Add in the long wheelbase design, which creates maximum tire-to-ground contact, and you'll begin to see how Toolcat ™ utility work machines deliver top-notch comfort.


More capacity than a utility vehicle. More maneuverability than a pickup truck. Toolcat utility work machines will redefine your vision of towing. A standard 2 ”receiver hitch and 4000 lb capacity allow you to tow most trailers. A primary hydrostatic brake system and secondary multi-disc wet brakes let you tow with confidence.


Power Bob-Tach

Swap out non-hydraulic attachments without leaving your seat. Using the optional Power Bob-Tach mounting system, a dash switch engages the chocks in the attachment. The system locks the levers and keeps the binding secure. It is also the fastest method of connecting hydraulic accessories, as all you have to do is connect the hoses after attaching the accessory.

Quick couplers

Trapped line pressure can make accessory changes anything but easy. Toolcat utility work machines feature quick disconnects to relieve trapped pressure. When you push the coupler inward, the hydraulic oil is released through a return line into the machine. The result is a clean and quick accessory change every time.


Hydraulic Dump Box Cargo Box

Leave your shovel in the shed. With the hydraulic dump body, you can quickly unload brush and debris without leaving the cab of your Toolcat 5600. With the pull of a single lever, your cargo is emptied.

Traction control system

Maintain performance in tough conditions with the Traction Control System. It automatically redistributes torque to the wheels when you experience wheel slip due to low traction conditions or rough terrain, which is preferable to locking and limited slip differential systems. You can deactivate the system using a switch in the cab. It is standard on the 5610 and available as an option on the 5600.


Power management

When mowing thick brush, crossing sand, digging, plowing or working on a steep slope, power management automatically increases and decreases the pressure in the hydrostatic transmission to keep your machine at peak performance. Switch it off easily for better manual control.

In working mode

2-speed travel gives you flexibility for improved work and better maneuverability. VersaHANDLER telehandlers can achieve faster travel speeds on your job site, reducing your travel time on job sites.


Lift arm float

Uneven ground? No problem. Activate the float while moving forward for smooth performance with a planter, snowblower and mower. Float upside down to finish leveling with a bucket or when you want to avoid tire tracks on a seedbed. Engage it by pushing the joystick fully forward.

3 point hitch

Unlock even more capabilities in the Toolcat 5610 with the optional 3pt. coupling. You can mow, plow, blade, mulch, move snow and more. It is compatible with all Category 1 tools and lifts up to 1,775 lbs. You can even use a 3 pt. tool at the same time as you use an attachment on the front of the machine.


Rear remote hydraulics

Whether you're placing snow, moving dirt, or dumping materials, you'll have better control over your 3pt. Hitch implements with optional rear remote hydraulics. With two additional hydraulic functions inside the cab, you can make fine adjustments.

Power take-off (PTO)

Plow your garden and get ready for spring planting. Spray weeds before they take up your area. Dig holes for fence posts or trees in all types of soil conditions. You can do it all with the optional power take-off (PTO) on the Toolcat 5610. Coupled with the required 3 pt. High flow hitch and hydraulics options, with PTO you can operate many 3 pt hydraulics. to launch the project.


Dual direction trigger

Forget about holding down a switch while using two-way accessories like sweepers and tillers. The bi-directional ratchet provides continuous hydraulic flow to the attachment in both directions.


Bobcat Toolcats take you through a variety of demanding jobs.




Bobcat Toolcats provide reliability when you need it most.


Efficient cooling system

With SmartFAN, you will enjoy better cooling with reduced volume and noise. Unlike a belt driven fan that runs continuously while the engine is running, it responds to engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures and only operates at full speed when needed. Plus, a raised cooling package on the Toolcat 5610 means you can run longer without stopping to clean the radiator.


Long wheelbase

When riding over rough terrain, the longer wheelbase allows each tire's independent suspension to adjust longer between impact. This reduces operator discomfort from dents and dings by distributing the weight of the machine more evenly, resulting in a smoother ride.


Lock control system

With the Toolcat Lockout Control System (TICS), the lift and tilt functions and the drive system will only work if you are seated in the seat with the TICS bar down.

Keyless start

Stop wasting precious time trying to find the keys to your machine. You could even save on your insurance premiums due to your reduced risk of theft or unauthorized use.


Rigid spine frame

A rigid spine frame is the basis for the rugged design of the Toolcat utility work machine. It allows you to maintain balance when lifting, digging, pushing heavy snow and traveling over uneven ground. Important components are also protected from dirt, debris and foreign objects, while routine maintenance items are always easily accessible.


Machinery protection

When you are not working, you are not making money. That's why Toolcat ™ utility work machines keep you up and running with machine shutdown protection, battery drain protection and an LCD screen that displays machine service codes. . And many of its components, such as the engine and cooling system, are the same as those in our legendary loaders.

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