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With Bobcat's V-Series telehandlers, operators benefit from increased visibility around the machine thanks to the low-profile boom and wrap-around rear window. Additional comfort features, such as the automatic air suspension seat and suspended cab, are designed to improve ride quality and keep operators comfortable during a long working day. In addition, the side-mounted motor, remote oil filters, easily adjustable boom guides, simple cleaning of the cooling system and dual element air filter make machine maintenance quick and convenient. Use a variety of telescopic attachments on the boom and get the toughest jobs off the ground.



Horsepower (hp)
Rated Lift Capacity
Operating Weight
Lift Height
7700 lb
17155 lb
274 in
9041 lb
18158 lb
277 in


Bobcat Telehandlers give you reliability you can count on every day.


Motor protection

A motor protected on the VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier begins with a thick steel frame that covers both sides and the bottom of the motor. Rubber engine mounts reduce shock over rough terrain. A liquid cooling system with improved airflow also protects against overheating.

High-end cooling

Bobcat telehandlers are equipped with a new generation cooling unit that allows the machine to operate at optimum temperature in all working conditions. The engine and hydraulic oil temperature is kept constant by the top-mounted cooler, which draws air from the top of the machine and provides efficient cooling performance.

Automatic parking brake

When you release the accelerator pedal when the engine is idling, the parking brake automatically engages. To disengage, press the button on the instrument panel.



Safety on the construction site. The VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier is fully ROPS / FOPS approved to improve operator safety. It also includes a backup alarm, front and rear work lights, fenders, beacon, turn signals and an optional fire extinguisher.

Window guard option. Designed to protect you and your investment in the harshest conditions, optional front and top glass guards protect your machine from drops and flying debris.

Power Quick-Tach system. With the power quick-tach system, you can change an attachment on your loader in less than a minute. This simple yet powerful mounting system allows accessories to be quickly assembled and disassembled by the operator. You can even change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving the cab. Power Quick-Tach saves time on every job.

Control of attachments. Get additional control and functionality with 7 pin attachment control. Multiple attachments require control of multiple functions. The Bobcat Attachment Control System gives you fingertip control of these additional functions, making it easy to make adjustments on the fly. For example, you can easily control the angle of the angle broom attachment with a simple toggle switch.



Bobcat stands behind your telehandler with a strong warranty. Our standard warranty provides 12 months coverage against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Bobcat Telehandlers offer intuitive controls and simple operation.


Boom damping

Boom cushioning makes it easier to handle your load with confidence, allowing smoother movement when the attachment tilts to its minimum or maximum pitch, or when the boom reaches full retraction.

Remarkable visibility

Remarkable visibility begins with a side motor and a low boom. The side motor gives you better visibility to the sides and rear of the machine, while the two-section low-profile boom gives you a true 360-degree view from the operator's seat. Multiple mirrors to the left and right of the operator assist you when working in confined spaces. For even more visibility, add the optional mirror kit or the work light kit.


Operator friendly controls

A state-of-the-art joystick sets the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool holder apart from other telehandlers. It allows you to control multiple functions including travel direction, lift and tilt functions, boom extension, and auxiliary hydraulics. All of these functions put more control in your hands.

Top-of-the-range comfort

When you face many hours every day in the machine, you need to be sure that you will always feel good when you go out at the end of the day. VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carriers have a spacious, fully enclosed cab with heating and air conditioning as standard so you can work in comfort all year round. Plus, the fabric suspension seat minimizes vibration, giving you a smooth ride on tough job sites.


Intelligent handling system

With the intelligent handling system, you can easily adjust the speed of the boom movements for better precision and productivity. When you need high engine power and precise boom movements, this option will give you the confidence and control you are looking for.


Adrian Naeger relies on his Bobcat V723 telehandler on the family farm daily.

Turbocharged diesel engine


A turbocharged, liquid-cooled Bobcat engine is powerful for just about any job. It is mounted on the side for better visibility and easier access for maintenance. The sides and bottom of the engine are protected by a thick steel frame, while the rubber engine mounts reduce shock during off-road use. It also meets air emissions requirements without the need for a diesel particulate filter and, in turn, reduces downtime for maintenance. The built-in cyclonic air pre-filter with automatic dust removal helps maximize uptime by reducing filter clogging to ensure efficient engine cooling in dusty environments.


The easy-to-read instrumentation panel on the VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier gives you an edge in equipment operation. The backlit display panel monitors key functions, letting you know exactly how the machine is operating. The panel also includes intuitive accessory controls, operation indicators, warnings and an hour meter for quick maintenance checks.


Speed management

With speed management, you can adjust your travel speed independently of your engine speed. Set your engine speed to the optimum setting for the attachment you are using, then enter the desired ground speed. It is especially useful when using attachments that require a slow and constant ground speed while maintaining high engine speeds, such as a flail cutter, snow blower, soil conditioner or broom. angle. Use speed management to control the maximum travel speed at any given pedal position.

Improved lifting capacities

The V923 telehandler offers increased rated lifting capacity, making it a strong and versatile machine with higher capacity to increase productivity with each lift cycle.


Bobcat engine

The Bobcat® turbocharged engine without Tier 4 DPF delivers the power, efficiency, higher tractive effort and ease of maintenance to help you get more done.

Hydrostatic transmission

With controls similar to those of an automobile, the heavy-duty industrial hydrostatic transmission makes operation easy. It provides high wheel torque for digging and pushing. Other features of the hydrostatic transmission include 2-speed ranges with on-the-fly shifting, speed management and dynamic braking.


Driving control

Ride control reduces material spillage, allowing operators to move at faster speeds for increased productivity through its damping effect, the feature also increases comfort by providing a smoother ride when moving over terrain rugged.

2-Speed Travel

2-speed travel gives you flexibility for improved work and better maneuverability. VersaHANDLER telehandlers can achieve faster travel speeds on your job site, reducing your travel time on job sites.


Two-stage low profile boom

The versatility of the two-stage low profile boom is endless. Reach taller trucks or over fences, store and stack materials, or backfill hard-to-reach areas. In addition to providing excellent reach at maximum lift height, the boom's rear pivoting position also gives you superior digging capacity.

Reversing fan

Excellent for dusty applications and lightweight materials, the optional reversible fan allows you to keep the radiator area cleaner for longer. In automatic or purge mode, the system will reverse and purge the system of dust and debris. This extends productivity and uptime, and reduces the immediate need to clean up debris by hand.


Boom angle indicator

Quickly see the angle of the boom when lifting loads. The large numbering of the indicators makes it easy to see the angle with precision, even from a distance. It measures the angle from -10 to 75 degrees.

Three piloting modes

No other machine in its class can offer more maneuverability than the VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool holder. The automatic steering alignment provides assistance when adjusting the wheels, eliminating the hassle of separately aligning the front and rear wheels. Three steering modes, including all-wheel drive, crab steering and front-wheel steering, further increase handling while working in tight spaces.


Economy mode

Save on fuel costs with the Eco Mode feature on the VersaHANDLER telescopic tool carrier. This function optimizes engine performance for less fuel consumption. Easily activate or deactivate a switch inside the cab.


Bobcat Telehandlers give you uncompromising power to complete a variety of projects.



Telehandlers deliver reliability you can count on every day.


Disconnecting the battery

The battery automatically disconnects when the ignition key is turned off.

Automatic parking brake

When you release the accelerator pedal when the engine is idling, the parking brake automatically engages. To disengage, press the button on the instrument panel.


Bob-Tach System

Developed over 35 years ago, the standard Bob-Tach mounting system has proven itself. With it, you can change attachments quickly and easily. Use a bucket, auger, landscape rake, grapple, and other accessories throughout the day.

Power Quick-Tach System

With the power quick-tach system, you can change an attachment on your loader in less than a minute. This simple yet powerful mounting system allows accessories to be quickly assembled and disassembled by the operator. You can even change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving the cab. Power Quick-Tach saves time on every job.


Versatility of accessories

Choose a telehandler model with a fastening system that meets your needs for convenience and versatility. The Bob-Tach Attachment System included on the V519 telehandler allows you to use the largest and most versatile attachment selection. Bob-Tach attachments can also be used on Bobcat skid steer loaders and Toolcat utility work machines to get the most out of your machines. The Power Quick-Tach Attachment System is standard on the V723 telehandler and allows operators to easily secure and release the attachment from inside the cab.

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