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Bobcat utility vehicle


Bobcat UV34 / UV34XL Utility Vehicle
Bobcat utility vehicles are at home on your toughest jobsites.

Bobcat utility vehicles offer what you need most: industry-leading payload, uncompromising comfort and reliable performance to tackle your toughest jobs. Whether you're on the job site working to meet a tight deadline or at home doing chores on your property, you'll take on the most demanding jobs without breaking a sweat.



Operating Weight
Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity
Turning Radius
Travel Speed - Max
Total Vehicle Rated Capacity
Bobcat UV34 Diesel
1,935 lb
1,250 lb
120 in
35 mph
1,900 lb
Bobcat UV34XL Diesel
2,165 lb
1,250 lb
168 in
35 mph
2,075 lb
Bobcat UV34 Gas
1,855 lb
1,250 lb
120 in
35 mph
1,900 lb
Bobcat UV34XL Gas
2,085 lb
1,250 lb
168 in
35 mph
4,475 lb


4 models to meet all your needs


Bobcat UV34 Diesel Utility Vehicle


The 23.5 hp Bobcat UV34 diesel UTV is designed to take on tough projects, haul materials and tools, or tow trailers and heavy equipment. A three-cylinder diesel engine provides a flatter power and torque curve to deliver the performance you demand. Since the engine makes less than 25 hp, it does not require a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which means no regeneration is required. This is the same engine model used in Bobcat mini track loaders, with a proven track record you can count on for everyday productivity and performance. A high efficiency alternator is standard, offering a peak of 140 amps to provide generous power for accessories, lights, radio, accessories, options and high demand devices. Automatic glow plugs warm the engine for reliable cold weather starting. The large cargo box handles up to 1250 pounds of material and maintains its strength for years. The UV34 has everything you need to tackle your toughest projects, including all-wheel drive, improved ground clearance, increased towing capacity, and convenient service access.


Bobcat UV34XL Diesel Utility Vehicle


The 23.5 hp Bobcat UV34XL diesel UTV is ideal for large, busy job sites that require transporting people, hauling materials and tools, or towing trailers and heavy equipment. The UV34XL can accommodate up to six people and includes a large cargo box that can handle up to 1,250 pounds of materials or tools. The three-cylinder diesel engine offers a flatter power and torque curve, and since it makes less than 25 hp, it does not require a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which means no regeneration. This is the same engine model used in Bobcat mini track loaders, delivering a proven track record of productivity and performance day in and day out. A standard high efficiency alternator delivers a peak of 140 amps to provide generous power for accessories, lights, radio, accessories, options and high demand devices. For reliable starting in cold weather, automatic glow plugs warm the engine. In addition, the UV34XL features all-wheel drive, increased towing capacity, improved ground clearance and convenient service access.


Bobcat UV34 Gasoline Utility Vehicle

Whether you need a UTV to haul materials to the job site or tow heavy trailers and equipment across your yard, the Bobcat UV34 39.9 hp utility vehicle is the right choice for your toughest jobs. The 1000cc SOHC two-cylinder engine is engineered for maximum durability and reliability in tough conditions, delivering the high-performance power you need with the convenience of a gasoline engine. The large 900-watt stator provides more power - approximately 75 amps of output - for use with the snow blade and other electrical accessories, and electronic fuel injection provides the best starting performance for all-season work . A large cargo box made of a durable composite interior can hold up to 1250 pounds of materials or supplies to help you do more and better. With increased towing capacity, improved ground clearance, all-wheel drive and convenient service access, the UV34 offers what you need to handle most of your tough projects.


Bobcat UV34XL Gasoline Utility Vehicle


When you need to haul more materials, tow heavier loads, and haul more people, the UV34XL does it all. This 39.9 horsepower utility vehicle, also known as a side-by-side UTV, offers seating for six people and features a 1000cc two-cylinder SOHC engine that delivers high performance power, reliability and maximum durability, as well as a gasoline engine. convenience. The large 900-watt stator provides approximately 75 amps of output for use with the snow blade and other electrical accessories, while electronic fuel injection provides the best starting performance in all seasons. A large cargo box with a durable composite interior stands up to tough loads and materials, retaining its strength (and good looks) for years to come. All this, plus the Bobcat UV34XL offers all-wheel drive, convenient service access, improved ground clearance and increased towing capacity - just what your toughest projects demand.


Top-of-the-range comfort. The low and wide cab opening, comfortable seat, three-point seat belt with comfort strap and more legroom make every minute of your working day more enjoyable.

Quick and easy maintenance. Bobcat utility vehicles are designed to make servicing your machine faster and more convenient so you can stay on the go. Fewer grease points and easier access to coolant, air, oil and fuel filters reduce the time spent servicing your machine.

Common tires and wheels. Every Bobcat utility vehicle is equipped with non-directional tires, mounted on full-size rims. There is no need to have front and rear spare parts on hand.

Robust frame and suspension. Force is standard on the UV34 and UV34XL, with a stiff chassis that dramatically improves ground clearance and road capability while allowing a greater range of motion in the suspension for superior ride quality.



Bobcat stands behind your utility vehicle with a strong warranty. Our standard warranty provides 12 months coverage against defects in materials and workmanship or 1,000 hours of use (whichever comes first).

High performance machines excel in tough working conditions.

Tackle your toughest jobs and toughest conditions - at home and on the jobsite - with the impressive ground clearance, agility and power of Bobcat UTVs. Our improved suspension system contributes to impressive payload and towing capacities. In addition, UTVs move in tight spaces on the job site where larger machines will not be suitable. Dozens of cab and accessory configurations let you outfit your side-by-side just the way you want it. Choose from four 4x4 models, gasoline or diesel, including our XL models which offer a larger 6-passenger cabin for fewer trips and even more productivity.

Not exactly what you are looking for?

Not exactly what you are looking for?


Bobcat Telehandler

It offers many of the same functions as a wheel loader, attachment carrier, and rough terrain forklift.


Bobcat Toolcat

Bobcat Toolcats are several machines combined into one.


Bobcat R Series

The revolution that your work demands from the company that invented the industry.


Robust clutch

Tackle your toughest jobs on the toughest terrains with excellent towing performance, transport stability and passenger comfort. Stronger belt engagement minimizes slippage and extends service intervals.

Increased towing force

Hitch and haul up to 2,500 pounds with confidence. Bobcat UTV's towing capacity has increased by 25% and the trailer hitch tongue weight rating is 250 pounds, giving you a powerful option for pulling heavy trailers and other equipment for the job.


Cabin system

Easily customize or upgrade the optional enclosed cab with a wide range of configurations. Installation and removal of accessories, doors, windows and heating is quick and easy. Improved cab sealing reduces dust and noise levels.

True all-wheel drive

Three selectable driving modes give you more versatility. Single-wheel (turf) drive reduces ground disturbance to protect grass and other finished surfaces, two-wheel mode delivers power to both rear wheels, and all-wheel drive provides ultimate traction.


Composite cargo box

The composite cargo box offers 15.6 cubic feet of storage space and a payload capacity of 1,250 pounds. It includes multiple tie-downs, an easy-to-open one-latch tailgate, and standard lift assist. Solid one-piece composite material design resists dents, scratches, rust and corrosion.


The guys behind Vintage Grapes Production love their Bobcat UV34!

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