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Massey Ferguson high performance tractor : Where power and versatility meet.

Massey Ferguson high performance tractors were created for farms like yours. Powerful, reliable and easy to use, these tractors easily switch from tillage, planting and harvesting to towing, baling and loading work. And now they're even easier to own thanks to ongoing specials.

Massey Ferguson 7700S Series High Performance Tractor


Massey Ferguson MF 7700 S Series tractors have been specially designed to meet the needs of agricultural professionals, whatever their activity and application, from mixed farming, to field crops, to agricultural contractors. Equipped with a wide range of powers, transmissions, cab versions, hydraulics, the MF 7700 S range adapts to all needs by offering personalized, reliable, simple and practical solutions.

Maximum HP: 255
Transmission: Multiple
Maximum lifting capacity (lbs): 21,936

Massey Ferguson 8S Series High Performance Tractor


The exciting new MF 8S series heralds a whole new era for Massey Ferguson. It provides a completely designed farming solution to deliver an enhanced user experience, encompassing the benefits of connectivity and smart farming technology. To meet the demands of modern and sustainable agriculture, Massey Ferguson combines advanced machinery with a whole new level of cabin environment offering a full range of fully connected services to help you run your business more efficiently. This personalized experience begins when the user considers the purchase and lasts its entire lifespan.

Maximum HP: 265
Engine: All In One Stage 4F
Transmission: Multiple
Maximum Lifting Capacity (lbs): 22,046

Massey Ferguson 8700S Series High Performance Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 8700S is the largest tractor the company has ever built. The 8700S Series concentrates power in the powertrain. The powerful AGCO Power 8 Final Stage 4 engine runs better, faster, cleaner, at lower temperatures. It consumes less fuel. Its towing power can do more work. The exclusive state-of-the-art DYNA-VT, continuously variable speed transmission (CVT) completes it all. Flexible, efficient, easy to use, this CVT transmits more power to the ground while minimizing fuel consumption.


Maximum HP: 400
Weight (lb): 23,810
Transmission: Dyna-VT
Maximum Lifting Capacity (lbs): 26,455

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