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Referral program

How does the program work?

Refer a new client to Colpron Equipment and get $ 100! *

At Les Equipements Colpron Inc., we will do everything to attract new customers and for a limited time, we will even pay you $ 100! *

We want to give everyone the opportunity to go online and send us a recommendation for a $ 100 opportunity! * No conditions! All we ask is that this client has never been in contact with us before referring them to us. To refer someone to us, fill out our referral form below.

Use our online form below to give us the name, number and email of the person you want to sponsor and we'll take it from there!


Do nothing more, we'll make sure your referral receives the same excellent treatment as you. If they buy equipment from Colpron Equipment based on your recommendation, you get $ 100! Incredible but true. Whether they're paying cash or funding, we want every referral we can get and we're willing to pay for it!

The Easiest Way To Make$ 100!

It's so easy to sponsor someone at Colpron Equipment!


Simply complete the following sponsorship form and we'll take care of the rest!


At Les Equipements Colpron, your sponsorship is always in good hands!

tractors, excavators, skid loader

Enter your personal information.

Enter the information of the person you are referring.

Disclaimer: * The Colpron Equipment Inc. $ 100 referral program is designed specifically to generate new customers. Employees and employee families are not eligible for this program. Any customer who has already contacted Les Equipements Colpron Inc. or who has been referred by one of its affiliates does not constitute a sponsorship. In order for a referral to be eligible, Colpron Equipment must have received a referral form from our website prior to the customer making any contact with the dealership or any of its affiliates, including particularly Agco Corp, Find Your Machinery,, or contacted management or staff in person by email or phone. For its part, Les Equipements Colpron undertakes to maintain the integrity of its sponsorship program and may, at its sole discretion, refuse a sponsorship if it considers that an abuse has taken place or that an effort has been made. to go against the spirit of the program to gain new contacts and customers that it would not have had without the referral program. This offer is limited in time and may expire at any time.

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